ISCWP Emblem and Its Explanation

Black & White Version Color Version

Explanation of the ISCWP Emblem

[(1) – (5) for its black-white version, and (1) – (6) for its color version]:

(1)               The ‘C’-like shape in the middle signifies ‘C’ (‘Chinese’) in the ‘ISCWP’;

(2)               The ‘W’-like shape across ‘C’-like shape signifies ‘W’ (‘Western’) in the ‘ISCWP’;

(3)               The ‘C’-‘W’ shapes together in the emblem, on the one hand, represents the first Greek letter ‘Φ’ of the Greek counterpart term of the word ‘philosophy’;

(4)               The ‘C’-‘W’ shapers together in the emblem (or, one can say, the ‘Φ’), on the other hand, also looks like the Chinese character ‘中’, which itself goes with its relevant, positive multiple meanings in this context [say, somehow relating to ‘Chinese’ (中华) or ‘mean between extremes’, etc.]

(5)               The background global icon indicates the international character of the Society.

(6)               The white ‘C’-‘W’ shapes together in the blue background of terrestrial globe looks like a white dove flying in the blue sky: the dove is usually considered as a symbol for peace; in our specific philosophical context, one might say that the dove would somehow represent a kind of dynamic ‘peace’–harmony resulting from constructive engagement between Chinese philosophy and Western philosophy: instead of being taken as alien to one another, they could learn from, and enhance, each other and jointly contribute to the common philosophical enterprise through constructive dialogue and engagement (a point among the ISCWP’s endeavored missions).

Note: The ISCWP emblem was originally designed by Bo Mou; the color choice of its color version and some contents of its due explanation were contributed by the inputs from the members’ discussion.


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