ISCWP Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 2 (July 2003)

ISCWP Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 2 (July 2003)


Inside this Issue

1   Note from the Editor of the Current Issue

2   Bibliography Update News

3   Financial Report from ISCWP Treasurer

4   News from Members


      [ Note:  the website version of the current issue of the ISCWP Newsletter contains only “Note from the Editor” for your information. The content of “Bibliography Update News” is a service for the ISCWP members which has been sent to the members; the annual ISCWP financial report is an ISCWP internal document for the members only; and the content of “News from Members” is available in the part “Member News Updates” of the ISCWP website.]

From the Editor

Dear Members:

As indicated in its “Announcement”, the ISCWP plans to provide some substantial academic services for its members including periodically providing updated bibliographies of literature relevant to comparative studies of Chinese and Western philosophy. The ‘bibliography updates’ is given in the form of the supplementary issue of each year’s ISCWP Newsletter to be sent out in the summer of each year to cover the relevant bibliographical information in the past year (the ISCWP business year from July 1st of the previous year through June 30th of the current year). As indicated in the last issue of the ISCWP Newsletter, it is the by-default arrangement that the Society’s vice-president is the editor of the annual ‘Bibliography Updates’ issue of the ISCWP Newsletter; nevertheless, for the current term of the Board (2002-2005), a special arrangement goes this way: Dr. Xianglong Zhang, ISCWP Vice-President, assumes the editorship of the ‘Bibliography Updates’ for the 2003-2004 and 2004-2005 years, while I assume the editorship for the 2002-2003 year.

In this supplementary issue, the main body is the “Bibliography Updates”. It also includes: first, an annual financial report by Dr. Tao Jiang, ISCWP Treasurer, for the past business year; second, a column “News from Members” in which some relevant academic information is provided by our members.

Before I move onto several notes about this “Bibliography Updates”, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Dr. Xianglong Zhang and Dr. Qixiang Huang at Peking University, China, for their kind aid and efficient assistance in collecting the bibliographical updates of the relevant Chinese publications; almost all those updates about Chinese articles published from July to December 2002 and all Chinese book information have come from their work.

There are three notes for this year’s “Bibliography Updates”.

(1) The coverage time range is this: for journal articles, from July 2002 through June 2003; for books, 2002 and 2003 so far.

(2) This ‘Bibliography Updates’ is not pretended to be complete in the following aspects. (i) What are covered are the bibliographical information for previously unpublished research articles, monographs and anthology volumes (introductions in anthologies or in the theme columns of journals, prefaces to books, and book reviews are not included). (ii) What are collected are primarily from the publications in two major languages in this field, i.e., English and Chinese. (iii) The data source for the English journal articles primarily comes from four more or less established relevant international journals that include research articles on Chinese and comparative philosophy (especially the former three with their regular inclusions): Philosophy East and WestAsian PhilosophyJournal of Chinese Philosophy, and International Philosophical Quarterly. It is noted that there seem a recent proliferation of newly established relevant journals. Let me list some (to my knowledge) for your reference (in the order of their establishment times): Polylog: Zeitschrift für interkulturelles Philosophieren (Polylog: A Journal of Intercultural Philosophy) (associated with Vienna Society for Intercultural Philosophy); World Hongming Philosophical QuarterlyDao(associated with the Association of Chinese Philosophers in America), and Chennai Journal of Intercultural Philosophy. The data of those newly established journals are not available in several local libraries I have used for this work and thus not included here. (iv) The identities of the contributors and their entries in some included anthologies are unavailable and thus unable to be included.

(3) What are included are those relevant academic publications that had not been published before. The reprints, adaptations, abridgements, translations or unsubstantial revisions of previous publications are not included in this “Bibliography Updates”.

It is hoped that this service work would be more or less useful for our members in their reflective pursuit in comparative studies of Chinese and Western philosophy, especially for our colleagues who might otherwise find it difficult to get access to the bibliographical information on relevant English publications or on relevant Chinese publications.

If you have any recommendation of relevant quality articles or books as entries in our next year’s “Bibligraphy Updates”, please contact with Dr. Xianglong Zhang at

Thank you all. Have a good summer.

Bo Mou


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