ISCWP Newsletter Volume 2, Issue 1 (January 2004)

ISCWP Newsletter Volume 2, Issue 1 (January 2004)

From the Editor: Congratulations to our colleagues and their scholarly achievements!  This time we have received fewer entries, and we hope next issue will see more.  Please let me know ( if you have any suggestions or comments to help me improve it next time.

Tao Jiang

Department of Philosophy, MC 4505

Southern Illinois University

Carbondale, IL 62901

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.

-Albert Einstein



1 President’s Report

2 Activities/Travels/Publications                                        


President’s Report (2003)


I would like to report to our Members what have been achieved during the year of 2003 and highlight some forthcoming ISCWP academic activities in the year of 2004 together with some measures to strengthen the efforts to fulfill the missions of the ISCWP.

(1) Conference panel sessions. During the year of 2003, the following three ISCWP panel sessions were held at some conferences: (i) the panel session “Comparative Approaches to Classic Asian Text” at the APA Pacific Division 2003 meeting (March 27, San Francisco, USA); (ii) the panel session “Comparative Ethics: Confucianism versus Liberalism” at the 21st World Congress of Philosophy (August 13, Istanbul, Turkey); (iii) the panel session “Daoism and Contemporary Philosophy” at the APA Eastern Division 2003 meeting (December 29, Washington DC, USA). On behalf of the Board, I would like to express our gratitude to the following participants, almost all of whom are ISCWP Members or Advisors, for their valuable contributions to the success of the aforementioned panel sessions by participating in the panels as chairs, speakers or commentators: Robert Allinson, Ho-mum Chan, Chung-yin Cheng, Alan Fox, Linhe Han, Chad Hansen, Christian Jochim, Son Le, Youzheng Li, Esther Su, and Julia Tao. I would like to especially express my appreciation to Steve Angle, Chair of the ad hoc committee, for working out two quality ISCWP panels respectively at the two aforementioned APA meetings in 2003. All these panel sessions are evidently successful thanks to their good preparations and their very active and engaging discussions on the scene, for example, the last panel session at the Eastern APA meeting last December.

In late 2003, under the leadership of Alan Fox for whose work I am very grateful, the ISCWP also worked out the ISCWP panel session “Contemporary Issues in Chinese and Comparative Philosophy” at the APA Pacific Division 2004 Meeting (March 26, Pasadena-Los Angeles, USA). (For its details, see the part “Updates of ISCWP Conference/ Conference Panels” in the current Newsletter.)

(2) The ISCWP international conference “Davidson’s Philosophy and Chinese Philosophy: In Memory of Donald Davidson”. Early 2003, all the preparations for the conference, originally scheduled to be held in July 2003, are on good track. For this period of preparation work, I would like to express my appreciation to the other members of the Organizing Committee and thead hoc Review Committee, Wan-Chuan Fang, Yiu-ming Fung, Linhe Han, and Xianglong Zhang, for their valuable organizing and/or review work. Linhe Han has taken care of relevant organizing work on the party of the conference host then, the Institute of Foreign Philosophy, Peking University, and contributed much energy and time to this; I am very grateful to him for his work. Due to the SARS situation in Beijing and China last spring, the conference has to be postponed to the summer of 2004. It is a sad loss that Professor Davidson passed away on August 30, 2003. Indeed, Davidson’s passing away has left us unable to carry outlive engagement with Davidson himself on the unique theme of the conference; however, with the firm support by almost all the participants in the project, the organizing committee has decided that the conference project will continue as a good and effective way, indeed a somehow unique way, to honor Davidson’s important contribution to the philosophical enterprise that has crossed cultural and national boundaries as well as to fulfill the mission of the ISCWP. In response to this sad loss and its impact on the format and style of the conference, some due adjustments have been made while the original theme of the conference still being maintained. (i) The conference title changes to “Davidson’s Philosophy and Chinese Philosophy: In Memory of Donald Davidson”.  [Note: the meaning of the term ‘Chinese philosophy” in the updated conference title is to be understood in a broad sense, including, say, contemporary Chinese philosophers’ work on Davidson’s philosophy and analytic philosophy instead of being limited to classical Chinese philosophy and its contemporary studies alone.] (ii) The conference is to consist of two parts that would benefit and enhance each other. Part I, “Constructive Engagement: Davidson’s Philosophy and Chinese Philosophy,” focuses on the constructive engagement between Davidson’s philosophy and classical Chinese philosophy and its contemporary studies. Part II, “Chinese Philosophers on Davidson’s Philosophy,” focuses on contemporary Chinese philosophers’ recent research results on Davidson’s philosophy. Now it has been finalized: (i) the Institute of Philosophy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, is to be the conference host; (ii) the conference is to be held on June 8-9, 2004. (For further details, please see “Updates of ISCWP Conference/ Conference Panels” in the current Newsletter.)

(3) Some reform measure for improving the way to work out ISCWP conference-panel proposals. The Board has recently discussed this issue and decided that, to more effectively work out quality ISCWP panel proposals to be made to the APA, the Board might suggest a certain panel topic when issuing “Call for Proposals/Papers” to the membership; the suggested panel topic would be sensitive to some current emphasis, based on our understanding of the whole situation, to some special need appearing in the academic exchange of the ISCWP with some other academic institutions, or to sufficient interest and mature scholarship among the membership. In this way, when considering whether or how to respond to “Call for Papers/Proposals”, a members could either propose their own individual paper or proposal as before or respond to the suggested panel topic. Note that this way would not hurt the chance of a submission that is not related to the suggested panel topic. In case there are more than two panel proposals available, all the panel proposals, including the board’s suggested proposal that would not enjoy priority in this connection, would be subject to review by the ad hoc committee. (In the past two years, although being entitled to propose two or even three panel proposals to each APA conference, for the sake of having quality ISCWP panels, we have made only one panel proposal to each of the APA Eastern and Pacific conferences.)

(4) Advisorship. To strengthen the Advisorship and balance its constitution, based on the general guideline in this regard to be mentioned below, the Board has decided to invite John Searle and Michael Krausz as ISCWP Advisors. The two philosophers are interested in the ISCWP’s missions and have accepted the invitations to serve as Advisors. The general guideline in this regard is this. Besides those scholars in the Advisorship whose expertises include Chinese and comparative philosophy, it is expected that there would be three academically well-respected scholars in each of the two major (analytic and continental) traditions of Western philosophy, whose scholarships are somehow related to the missions of the ISCWP and who are interested in serving as ISCWP Advisors. There are already three scholars in the continental tradition in the Advisorship (Habermas, Ricoeur, and Rorty); and there is a need to make that up in analytic tradition, especially after Davidson passed away and thus with only one scholar in analytic tradition remaining in the Advisorship (Morton). Let me briefly introduce the two new ISCWP Advisors. John Searle is Professor of philosophy at UC Berkeley whose academic works are so well known that there seems to be no need for me to say more here. Michael Krausz is Professor of philosophy at Bryn Mawr College and editor of several fine anthologies on relativism and on interpretation (Rationality, Relativism and the Human SciencesRelativism: Cognitive and MoralThe Concept of Creativity in Science and Art; and Relativism: Interpretation and Confrontation).

(5) Appreciation of some members’ donations and/or contribution of voluntary membership fees. On behalf of the Board, I would like to express our deep gratitude to all those members and one ISCWP Advisor who have made their generous donations to the Society during 2003 and to all those members who have contributed their voluntary membership fees during 2003. Their substantial contributions significantly aid the ISCWP to effectively fulfill its missions and implement its academic projects.

(6) The ISCWP Newsletter in 2003 and the ISCWP website. During the year of 2003, two issues of the ISCWP Newsletter came out on time as planned: one regular issue under Tao Jiang’s editorship (Vol.1, Issue 1), and one mid-year “bibliography” issue under my editorship (Vol.1, Issue 2). During the year of 2004, the regular issue, the current issue, is still under Tao Jiang’s editorship, while the mid-year “bibliography” issue will be under Xianglong Zhang’s editorship. I am grateful to Tao Jiang for his wonderful work in designing a fine template for the Newsletter and impressive typesetting work which are quite demanding when working out the first ISCWP Newsletter. The ISCWP website has been set up during 2003, and its current address is “”.

(7) The ISCWP’s non-profit tax exemption status. The IRS (the USA Federal Internal Revenue Service) has formally approved the ISCWP’s non-profit academic organization status with tax exemption. For the convenience of some members who have made their financial contributions to the ISCWP and thus might have tax concern, I list below the ISCWP ID number assigned by the IRS for their reference and for the sake of possible tax concern: 71-0898176.

I would like to express my personal appreciation to my colleagues in the Board, Xianglong Zhang, Vice-President, and Tao Jiang, Secretary-Treasurer, for their valuable support, effective collegial cooperation and constructive contributions to various board’s discussions and decisions.

Thank you all. Keep in touch.

Bo Mou

Department of Philosophy

San Jose State University

San Jose, California 95192, U.S.A.

Tel(O): 408-924-4513

Fax(O): 408-924-4527



It isn’t necessary to be rich and famous to be happy. It’s only necessary to be rich.

-Alan Alda





Kim-chong Chong

Book Series

An “Asian and Comparative Philosophy Series” was announced in the previous issue of the ISCWP newsletter.  Times Media Pte Ltd has since come under Marshall Cavendish International Pte Ltd, and books in the series will be published with the imprint “Marshall Cavendish Academic”.  Potential authors are requested to submit their manuscripts to the general editor of the series:  Kim-chong Chong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Division of Humanities, Clear Water Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong.


Kim-chong Chong, Sor-hoon Tan, and C.L. Ten (eds.), The Moral Circle and the Self–Chinese and Western Approaches(Chicago:  Open Court, 2003).

Anthony Cua

Editor and Contributor, Encyclopedia of Chinese Philosophy. New York &
London: Routledge, 2003. xxii, 1020 pp.

It has been selected by Choice as an Outstanding Academic Title [in 2003]. Choice’s list of Outstanding Academic Titles reflects the best in scholarly print and electronic titles reviewed in Choice in the previous calendar year. It’s a prestigious list that receives great attention from the academic library community.  Choice is a publication of the Association of College and Research

libraries, a division of the American Library Association.
Tao Jiang:

Accepted Publications:

“Nishida Kitaro’s Logic of the Predicate and the Problematic of Continuity,” Philosophy East & West, (forthcoming)

Review of Thomas Kasulis’s Intimacy or Integrity: Philosophy and Cultural Difference (University of Hawaii Press, 2002),Journal of the American Academy of Religion (forthcoming)

Conference Presentations:

“A Synchronic Analysis of Emptiness in Lin-chi’s Zen,” American Academy of Religion annual conference, Zen Seminar, Atlanta, GA, November 2003

“Intimate Authority: the Rule of Ritual in Traditional China,” East-West Center (Honolulu, Hawaii) online conference on Cultures of Authority in Asian Practices, September 2003

Bo Mou

During the year of 2003 I completed, or was working on, the following projects or writings. An anthology volume, Comparative Approaches to Chinese Philosophy, which I edited, wrote “Introduction”, and contributed to, was published by Ashgate Publishing Ltd. in UK (my contributed essay entitled “Eternal Dao, Constant Name, and Language Engagement”). A paper in ethics, “A Re-examination of the Structure and Content of Confucius’s Version of the Golden Rule,” is forthcoming inPhilosophy East and West, the April issue of 2004. I also worked on some invited writings: (i) a paper in contemporary analytic philosophy and philosophy of language, “Concept of Truth and Multiple Facets of the Speech-Act Equivalence Thesis,” for the anthology, The Illocutionary Role of the Concept of Truth, edited by Dirk Greimann and Geo Siegwart (Germany: de Gruyter); (ii) some entries to the second edition of the Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Macmillan Reference USA); (iii) a book review ofEncyclopedia of Chinese Philosophy, ed. by Antonio S. Cua (Routledge, 2003), in the Dec. 2003 issue of the Review of Metaphysics. I presented two papers, “Three Orientations and Four ‘Sins’ in Comparative Studies” and “On Becoming-Being Complementarity,” at the 21st World Congress of Philosophy (Istanbul, Turkey; August 2003) and a paper, “Gödel-Frege-Church Slingshot and a Daoist Thick-Object Metaphysical Account,” at the ISCWP panel session in the APA Eastern Division 2003 meeting (Washington DC, Dec. 2003).

Sor-hoon Tan

Confucian Democracy: a Deweyan Reconstruction (Albany, State University of New York Press, 2003).

Jiyuan Yu,

1. Hurford Fellow at National Humanities Center (2003-04), North Carolina.

2. Promotion to associate professor, Philosophy Department, SUNY Buffalo.

3. Authored book, The Structure of Being in Aristotle’s Metaphysics, Dordrecht: Kluwer, 2003.

4. Yu and Gracia (eds), Rationality and Happiness: From the Ancients to

the Early Medievals, Rochester: University of Rochester Press.

Xianglong Zhang

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Grant, 04/2004-02/2005

Author of Towards the Things Themselves—-Seven Lectures on An Introduction to Phenomenology (in Chinese), Beijing: Tuanjie Press, 2003

Mom always told me I could be whatever I wanted to be when I grew up, “within reason.” When I asked her what she meant by “within reason,” she said, “You ask a lot of questions for a garbage man.”

-Jack Handey


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