ISCWP Newsletter Volume 2, Issue 2 (July 2004)

ISCWP Newsletter Volume 2, Issue 2 (July 2004)


Inside this Issue

1   Note from the Editor of the Current Issue………………..p. 1

2   Bibliography Update News………………..p. 3

3   The Paper Abstracts of the 1st ISCWP International Conference “Philosophical Engagement:  Davidson’s Philosophy and Chinese Philosophy”………………..p. 3-11


      [ Note:  the website version of the current issue of the ISCWP Newsletter contains only “Note from the Editor” for your information. The other contents are services for the ISCWP members which have been sent to the members; .]

From the Editor

Dear Members:

This issue is composed of two parts: the bibliographic information relevant to comparative studies of Chinese and Western philosophy; and the abstracts of the papers presented to the international conference organized by our society and some other institutes.  The data in the first one are collected by my graduate students (Mr. Zhu Songfeng, Mr. Cai Xiangyuan, Mr. Li Jun and Mr. Zhang Xiaohua) and somehow edited by myself.  The second one is provided by Dr. Mou Bo, the current president of this society.  Since the English translations of the Chinese literature might have some problems, the original Chinese information is included.  The basic policy of editing the “Bibliography Updates” keeps same as that of last year.  I must apologize for not involving more in editing this issue due to the fact that I teach in Germany this year.  I want, therefore, to take this opportunity to express my great gratitude to Dr. Mou Bo for his patient direction and help, and to the students mentioned above.  Any suggestion and supplement is sincerely welcomed.

Xianglong Zhang

Department of Philosophy

Peking University



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